how to size a paracord bracelet, picture of a man trying to put a unity band paracord bracelet on to see if the size is right

How To Size A Paracord Bracelet In 3 Easy Steps

Sizing Your Unity Band Is Simple.

One of the easiest things you will ever do is learn how to size a paracord bracelet. With this quick guide you will be on your way to finding the perfect size for your Unity Band.

What You Will Need:

  • Piece of Rope, Yarn, String, or Anything That Can Wrap Around Your Wrist
  • Ruler, Yard Stick, or Measuring Tape

Now that you have everything you need, it’s time to learn how to size a paracord bracelet! Here are 3 simple steps on how to size a paracord bracelet.

Step 1

The first thing you do is take your rope, and wrap it around your wrist until it meets itself.

gif how how to size a paracord bracelet, photos showing a man wrapping a rope around his wrist in order to know his wrist size

Step 2

When your rope meets itself grab the rope in that location.

how to size a paracord bracelet, picture of a wrist with rope around it and an arrow pointing to where the rope meets itself and says grab to mark

Step 3

The location where you grabbed the rope in the previous step is your starting point when measuring for size. With your ruler down, lay your rope onto the ruler, and put the location you grabbed at 0. Once your rope is flat just measure your rope where it ends, and you have your wrist size.*Unity Band Sizes Are In Inches NOT Centimeters*

how to size a paracord bracelet, gif of a man grabbing rope to mark where his wrist size is and than measuring the rope on a ruler to determine what size paracord bracelet to get
Example Wrist Size = 7 7/8 inches
Example’s Recommended Unity Band Size = Medium 8.5 inches

This measurement is your wrist size… Super Easy!

Now that you have your wrist size, let’s find out what size Unity Band you should order! A Unity Band paracord bracelet can be ordered in 4 different sizes, with custom sizes available upon request (prices may vary on custom sizes).

Depending on how you like your bracelet to fit, will depend on which Unity Band size you should order, below is a chart on which size to order depending on your wrist size, and how tight you like your bracelet.

*We Recommend Getting Your Unity Band At-least .5in BIGGER Than Your Wrist!*

A good rule of thumb to go by when ordering your Unity Band is to always order bigger. If you get your Unity Band, and it is to big you can always shorten the size by lowering the button.


If you order a Unity Band that is to small than you will either be giving it away as a gift, or sending it back for the correct size. Which means you have to wait even longer for your awesome Unity Band.

*Order Your Unity Band The Size In The Left Column If Your Wrist Is In Between The Measurements In The Right Column*

Unity Band Sizes
Available To Order
Your Wrist Size Should Be
Between These Measurements
Small 7.5 in 6 3/4 in (Loose) – 7 1/4 in (snug)
Medium 8.5 in 7 3/4 in (Loose) – 8 1/4 in (snug)
Large 9.5 in 8 3/4 in (Loose) – 9 1/4 in (snug)
X-Large 10.5 in 9 3/4 in (Loose) – 10 1/4 in (snug)

Have questions about how to size a paracord bracelet? Contact us and we will respond to you as soon as possible!