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4 Tips for Finding Balance When Working Remotely With Kids

This Blog Was Wrote As A Guest Blog By: Janice Russell

Working from home makes it easier to have a healthy work-life balance. You save time and money by not commuting to an office five days a week. While working from the comfort of your house gives you the flexibility to see your kids, having a baby or toddler home all day can challenge your productivity. If you work remotely and have young children, these four tips can help you survive and thrive in both your work and personal life.

  1. Separate and Comfortable Workspace
    As easy as it might be to bring your laptop into your warm cozy bed, you will be more effective with a separate workspace. While there is nothing wrong with checking a few emails in the kitchen while grabbing your coffee, make sure you have a designated office space to retreat to after.

An ideal space is closed off so you can have total privacy for phone calls or focusing on projects. This can be a spare room, a corner of your bedroom, or even a large closet. Set up your office with equipment that keeps you organized, including a desk, shelves, filing cabinet, printer, outlet extender, and a quality chair. While you do not need a top-of-the-line chair, purchase a mid-grade option versus a cheap one; since you sit in this seat for hours every day, it needs to be supportive.

Additionally, have clothes that are both comfy and stylish to wear on workdays. Especially as a new mother, you need to be ready to feed or chase a baby at a moment’s notice but still look presentable for video calls. Search stores and online for clothes that are comfortable but do not sacrifice style, including cozy leggings, nursing bras, pajamas, and nursing tank tops.

  1. Deliberate Schedule
    One of the best ways to ensure a positive work-life balance is to sit down with your partner and create a schedule. Whether it is tackling a work proposal for a new product, playing with your toddler, or pursuing your hobby of supporting breast cancer research, a schedule designates time for all aspects of your life. It also makes sure nothing falls through the cracks, errands get completed and you and your spouse have time for yourselves.
  2. Flexible Time
    Many companies now offer employees flexible schedules. According to one report, 80% of businesses offer flexible schedules to their staff, with flex time being one of the favored programs. Flextime gives employees more control over their schedules; while the details vary by company, benefits include starting and stopping your day when you choose, not requiring PTO for personal appointments, and working longer days with a shorter workweek.

Talk to your manager about allowing flex time for your schedule. Having the freedom to start your day before the kids wake up or step away for a doctor’s appointment without needing prior PTO approval gives you more independence to create a work-life balance.

  1. Play Area
    There are times you need to pull double duty and watch the kids while working. Keep the kids entertained with a play area. Depending on where your office is set up, this may be in the same room or an adjoining room. Block the area off to keep the children safe and fill it with age-appropriate toys, books, and crafts.

Being a working parent is challenging, but being at home helps. While it may take some trial and error to get into a groove, incorporating these four tips can help you find success working from home and still loving on your little ones.