Multicam Camouflage Paracord Bracelet | One Color w/ Red Button

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  • Great Gift – Stylish, and durable our Multicam Camouflage Paracord Bracelet is a perfect way to help those in need.
  • 20% Donated- Feel great about your purchase! Buy this Multicam Camouflage Paracord Bracelet Unity Band and we will donate 20% to a nonprofit organization that helps those who need it the most, so you can feel awesome knowing that you're helping humans across the world.
  • Extremely Durable- Multicam Camouflage Paracord Bracelet is made from real, authentic 550 parachute cord so it's durable in almost any situation.

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Unity Band Paracord Bracelet

The Unity Band is more than just a Multicam Camouflage Paracord Bracelet. It is a symbol of people uniting to help those who need it the most. From the care that goes into each handmade Unity Band, to the love spread by the awesome organizations we support. A Unity Band is the only paracord bracelet that is not just a symbol of survival, but of strength and Unity.

Handmade with 550 parachute cord, the Unity Band paracord bracelet is very strong. The 550 cord can hold up to 550 LBS without breaking. Making it hard to destroy a Unity Band!

Very Strong Cord, And Button That Follows Suite.

Each Unity Band paracord bracelet is fastened with our one of a kind Red button. Pressed, and made of strong alloy, the Unity Band fastener will never break, bend, or chip. Once pressed from hard alloy each button is powder coated red for a very durable finish, and awesome looking fastener.

Unique. Stylish and Awesome.

When you buy a Multicam Camouflage Paracord Bracelet from Unity Bands you know it is unlike any other paracord bracelet because it is not based on survival, but people in need. If helping people in need is not enough for you to buy our paracord bracelet than you should buy one because MGK has one.

  • Each is handmade, meaning no 2 can ever be exactly the same.
  • Our Red Button is unlike any other in the industry. Most paracord bracelets use bulky clasp, and huge ugly fasteners.
  • Instead of outsourcing our product, we pay awesome people to make them… So you’re creating jobs when you buy a Unity Band!

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